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ZING supports early stage organisations whose outcomes are focused on young people realising their potential.
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We actively seek out a small number of diverse organisations each year and provide unrestricted grants or social investment. We have invested over £2,000,000 since 2011.


Through the ZING Forum and broader network we connect our partners with a wide range of expertise, other funders and other collaborative youth-oriented organisations.


ZING funds open source software initiatives, convenes Digital Labs and works as part of the Social Sector Digital Transformation Programme and Digital Charities network.

Our Partners

We currently focus on early stage organisations who have a sustainable and collaborative approach to working with young people in their transition between education and the workplace. They are innovative in their income generation, keep overheads in check, and rigorously measure their outcomes.

Future First

Alumni Communities


Generation Hope

Greenhouse Sports

Development through Sport

Ada College

Digital Skills


Youth into Employment

Restless Development

Youth-led Development

Inclusive Classrooms

Supporting Teaching Assistants

Right To Succeed

Equality in Education

UK Youth

A better future for young people

Working Knowledge

Highlighting Young Talent

Step Up To Serve

#iwill Pledges

The Skills Builder Partnership

Readiness for Life

Free the Children

Citizenship Learning


Data for the Education Sector


Skills-based Education in Africa

Peace First

Community of changemakers

Institute for Teaching

Teaching re-thought, teaching re-taught

The Difference

Supporting teachers of vulnerable learners


Understanding our differences

Get Further

Attaining gateway English & Maths qualifications

Future First Global

Access to role models



To provide investment, connections and access to technology expertise to early stage youth impact organisations with a proven business model and with whom we find a strong connection.


To be a collaborative, powerful and positive force for good in helping young people realise their potential.


We strongly believe that solving systemic societal challenges for young people can only be achieved by building trusted relationships with our partners, fellow funders and network in the private and public sectors. These trusted friends include: Unleashing Potential, Yoti, The Berkeley Partnership, Impetus PEF, ACF, London Funders, NPC, Blagrave Trust and Dulverton Trust

With NPC and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, ZING co-funded research on how digital could be used to support youth experiencing multiple disadvantages:
My best life: Priorities for digital technology in the youth sector.


ZING supports the 360Giving open data initiative.

We believe that with better information, grantmakers can be more effective and strategic decision-makers. 360Giving provides support for grantmakers to publish their grants data openly, to understand their data, and to use the data to create online tools that make grant-making more effective. For more information, visit 360Giving. You can find details of our grants here (.csv format).

This data is licensed under the Public Domain Dedication.


  • April 1969

    Robin and Chris enter the world 11 days and 200 yards apart

  • May 2009

    Robin and Chris combine forces to set up a Foundation and agree to 'buy' themselves 5 years worth of learning

  • December 2009

    Foundation is named ZING and registered with Charity Commission

  • December 2010

    First grants made to Greenhouse and HOPE HIV

  • December 2011

    The inaugural ZING Forum takes place

  • April 2012

    Key open source software partnership with CiviCRM commences

  • January 2013

    Not-for-profit Tech Consultancy, Unleashing Potential, is launched

  • December 2014

    ZING celebrates its 5th birthday and £2,000,000 of investment

  • August 2015

    All historic grants data first published to 360 Giving

  • December 2015

    Strategic Review undertaken and ZING transitions to early stage seed funding typically of collaborative and digital initiatives

  • June 2016

    Time-bound Unleashing Potential closes its doors and ZING joins the third sector Digital Transformation 'movement'

  • July 2018

    ZING reaches £3 million in investment since founding

Who we are

A team of two supported by a team of thousands.

Robin Tombs


Chris White


Robin and Chris are lifelong friends. Having been to school, gone to youth group, travelled and shared a house together they often talked about 'giving back'. Robin's successful entrepreneurial career and Chris's learnings from working with several corporate foundations as part of his management consultancy career made this possible so they combined forces in 2009 and created ZING. Both are passionate about creating opportunities for young people to achieve their potential in life and share a desire to bring scalable web and mobile technologies to the not-for-profit sector.

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We do not run a grant application process and proactively seek out our partners. We love to hear from early stage inspiring charities and social entrepreneurs. We do not fund individual local or community based organisations.